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Universal access to modern energy


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One in 10 people still does not have access to electricity.

Facts and Figures

manzara kontrol.png

Landscape Control 2

Can Akgümüş

Uni - Art Collection

Plastering over sintra

The “Landscape Control" photograph series, which the artist took during the construction of Özyeğin University Çekmeköy Campus, depicts the tension between the interior dynamics of the space and its interaction with its surroundings. The different compositions of all chosen landscape control points and frames focus on multi-element interactions between space and environment.     These two works capture in the same frame both the generation and transmission and the consumption of energy by means of the photographed high voltage lines and the reflections that fall on the glass from the lights in the buildingrespectively, thus laying the groundwork for discussions about energy.


#cleanenergy #lowcarbonenergy #energysecurity #energypoverty #energyefficiency #accessibleenergy

About the Artist:

Akgümüş uses photography as media in his art production in order to record the visible reality and reproduce it in reference to its relations with memory, history, and society. By applying various collage techniques, he pushes the boundaries of photography with a unique language. Constantly changing places to produce his works based on his own distant and interpretative observations of memory, urban life, the natural cycle of urban life, and its effects on individuals, he aims to forge new relationships between individual memory and collective memory.

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