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'Yaklaş' which translates to 'approaching' is defined in 2 ways in the TCC;

1. Moving forward with a small gap in between, moving forward to reduce the distance or eliminate it altogether.

2. To evaluate a topic in a certain way by dealing with a problem.


'Yaklaş' aims to create a common ground that allows for collective, focused discussion, reflection and transdisciplinary work by dealing with a problem in an increasingly complex new world order, where we are exposed to rapid and much (but not deepened) knowledge. This common ground, open to all, will create new connections between multidisciplinary collaborators, reducing not only our distance to the problem, but also the distance between collaborators.


“Yaklaş” includes all the organized work done for the recognition and understanding phase of the project work, whose purpose is to provide sustainable improvement towards the determined complex issue.

'Yaklaş' is a unique approach that operates in accordance with tools and mechanisms of the basic concepts of 'transdisciplinary' and 'collectivity'.

Its most important goal is to achieve improvement and progress in the subject it handles by creating expanded responsibility networks and action plans on the subject it focuses on.



Özlem Bahadır Karaoğlu


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