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art in the age of anthropocene


“(...) under certain conditions, art—which not only reflects social reality but criticizes and therefore constructs society—is conducive to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in society.”

Arnold Hauser,

“Society as the Product of Art”

In the Anthropocene Epoch in which man has irretrievably affected the global system through his own actions, it is of paramount importance that we look from another perspective to evaluate the transformative impact of art on individuals and societies. For art is beyond the data, statistics, and reports that we constantly encounter, as it brings to light the emotions and contradictions underlying the complex problems we face, and as such it is capable of creating an environment that is conducive to change by facilitating empathy and touching people's hearts, minds, and imaginations.


We are in the Decade of Action to act together to find a solution for our complicated global problems which are classified under the overarching term of “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG).  Change is essential for tackling complex global problems, particularly the climate crisis [SDG 13] and its effects, and action is essential for change. This is our only way of surviving in a world where our culture and our life resources are under a threat.


The Co-Art Co-Act project explores art as a power that encourages, facilitates, and pushes us to take action in the Anthropocene Epoch. 


Through this selection of artworks that subtly educate each of us in the university hallways as well as the talks and workshops that will take place in tandem with them, we can start a live dialogue among us about the complex problems that shape our common future, and forge new collaborations for collective action [SDG 17].

co-art co-act küratöryal ekip:

Özlem Bahadır Karaoğlu, Okan Pala, Barış Çakmakçı, Ceyda Tahan, Doğa Çakmakçı, Sena Özgürcan

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