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Free primary and secondary education


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1 in 4 girls living in developing countries cannot go to school.

Facts and Figures

Deadly Curiosty

Burçak Balamber

Uni - Art Collection

Mixed media on canvas


Rabbits positioned in front of dark doors in the work make a reference to popular culture, generally bringing to mind curiosity, knowledge obtained as a result, and education, which is the fundamental way of acquiring knowledge. While curiosity and education have always been the precursors of advancement, progress has not always been welcomed with open arms in history, and many people who wanted it had to face challenges. The human skeleton Balamber uses in the work can also be a 'memento mori', a reminder of death, calling attention to this fact. Meanwhile, rabbits depicted in different colors can be interpreted as a reference to discrimination in access to education. 

#qualityeducation #accessibleeducation #educationforeveryone #righttoeducation #educationpolicies #oralliteracy #numericalliteracy


About the Artist:

Balamber uses paper cutting and inking techniques to add the sense of the third dimension to her works, and creates fiction in her compositions as she aims to question the concept of “perception”. The artist uses stencil printing on canvas and comic-style drawing techniques with acrylic paint in her works. Resembling animation scenes, her works are generally a compilation of vivid colors, contours, and geometric shapes. 

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