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Reducing maternal mortality


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Although it has been decreasing since 2005, nearly 2 million children still die from infectious diseases such as malaria and lower respiratory tract infections.

Facts and Figures


Hey You

İlke Yılmaz

Uni - Art Collection

Plaster and  paper

Depicting a human body stuck in a garbage bag, the work evokes the negative effects of the Anthropocene Epoch on human health in the viewer.  With its dynamic pose, red flats, and kinetic nature, the sculpture creates a childish and positive perception, while the negative connotations brought out by the garbage bag spark a contradiction.  The kinetic nature of the work calls attention to the body-movement relationship, and by forging a relationship with the viewer’s body, it makes a reference to and invites the viewer to question the daily practices of modern life.  


#movement #airwatersoilpollution #contagiousdiseases #reproductivehealth #accessiblemedication #accessiblevaccine #healthcoverage #preventibledeaths #substanceaddiction #trafficaccidents


About the Artist:

In her works, Yılmaz examines the ‘effort of emancipation’ that underlies artistic work. By making references to social phenomena observed in Turkish society, the artist offers comments on the oppressive environment of the art market. Employing different styles of expression including sculpture, collage, and performance, the artist aims to enable the modern-society viewer, who has become schizophrenic due to image bombardment, to re-empathize with the broken reality. The artist juxtaposes and associates nature, humans, and culture, and she frequently uses the objects and contexts that are available or that she finds around.  

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