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Universal access to safe and nutritious food


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One-third of all food produced is never consumed.

Facts and Figures


Under the Soil

Ali İbrahim Öcal

Uni - Art Collection

Acrylic on canvas

Seemingly the cross-section of an 'ordinary' piece of land one can stumble upon in many places, the work depicts a familiar image from an angle not encountered in daily life, showing the ‘ubiquitous' with all its invisible and unnoticed aspects. The work presents the seed’s relationship with the soil to the viewers within the framework of the concepts of sprouting, growth, demise, and rebirth. Depicting only a small fragment of the seed's greater relationship with the soil, the work invites the viewer to an extended discussion of the concepts of the natural cycle, including sprouting, growth, demise, and rebirth, as well as food production-distribution systems.  


#foodsafety #sustainableagriculture #agroecology #healingagriculture #foodwaste #smallfarmer #geneticdiversity #resilientagriculturalpractices #agriculturalpolicies


About the Artist:

In his works in which he generally uses natural materials inspired from nature, Öcal explores subjects including soil, seeds, sprouting, growth, demise, rebirth, and human-animal relations. He believes that the resulting "sense of ubiquity" created by his way of expression/production opens up a liberating space in his works. Having begun his art production in the digital environment, Öcal employs different media and techniques including painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and video.  According to the artist, the most determining feature of the imaginative universe he creates using different techniques and media is that it has a multidisciplinary pattern.

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