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Reducing violence everywhere


68.5 million

By the end of 2017, 68.5 million people were forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict, violence or human rights violations.

Facts and Figures

Public Band

Saniye Dönmez

Uni-Art Collection


'Public Band' is an enlarged band-aid. The work makes a reference to very large wounds, opening up a discussion on how to heal, its method, and its adequacy. In terms of its lexical meaning, “Public” Band can be interpreted as both the state (public) that will heal the wounds of its people (public) and the people (public) who will heal the wounds of the state (public). Considering this symbiotic relationship between the state and the people, the said healing can only be achieved through the establishment of participatory, inclusive, and advanced governance systems and institutions in which the justice system is improved and the rule of law is ensured. Furthermore, the band also makes a reference to wounds of a certain size that cannot be healed with a band-aid, prompting the viewer to ask: “Is it for treatment or to conceal?”


#ruleoflaw #participatorygovernance #inclusivedecisionmakingmechanisms #accountableinstitutions #transparentinstitutions #stopviolence #stopcorruption #stopchildabuse #stoporganizedcrime


About the Artist:

Saniye Dönmez graduated from the Department of Painting at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2012. Dönmez ironizes sociological issues by addressing them meticulously as if walking on a thin rope like an acrobat. In her works, rather than focusing on the definition of what is beautiful, the artist ignores the defining indicators of beauty and turns expectations upside down. As such, she brings together deformations in objects that witness time to create new images through which she explores how the process of the image and the reproduced objects evolves and moves to another dimension by means of intervention.

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