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Protection and restoration of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems


1.6 billion

About 1.6 billion people make their living from forests.

Facts and Figures

Avatar I-II

Harun Atalayman

Uni-Art Collection

Paint on wood

avatar 1.png

The Avatar sculptures resemble a half-amphibian, half-human creature in terms of the figures’ posture and the colors used. The sculptures’ eye-catching colors and patterns are similar to those of poisonous and dangerous creatures in nature. Their depiction in a frog-like posture and patterns used on them bring to mind the African Bull Frog, one of the dangerous invasive species. As such, by combining the physical characteristics that are usually attributed to invasive and poisonous species with human morphology, the work invites the viewer to think about the destructive effect of humans in the Anthropocene Epoch.  


#conservationofterrestrialecosystems #stopdesertification #conservationofbiodiversity #stopdeforestation #habitatconservation #conservationoffreshwatersystems 

About the Artist:

Undertaken several memorial statue projects to date, the artist’s most influential work is the 40-meter-high Atatürk Mask, a rock relief applied on a cliff in Yeşildere, İzmir, and renowned as one of the largest sculptures and masks in the world. The artist later relocated to Istanbul where he continues to take part in group exhibitions and fairs with the sculptures he designs in his own workshop.

avatar 2.png
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