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20 cm

Sea level has risen 20 cm since 1880, and by 2100 this rise is expected to increase by another 30-122 cm.

Facts and Figures

Diabolus Ex Machina

Doğa Çakmakçı

Barış Çakmakçı

Uni - Art Collection

Video on six channels

ska 13.2.png

Integrating climate change-related measures into policies and plans

Created within the scope of the Co-Art Co-Act project, the video work offers a dazzling look into the multidimensional causes and consequences of the climate crisis. Developed using six different screens, the workplaces a special emphasis on the stunning coexistence of distant, yet  connected events that co-occur all around the world, enabling the viewer to re-experience the multi-layered structure of the climate issue and the human mind’s difficulty in comprehending this structure.


#climateactionrightnow #climatecrisis #climatejustice #climatepolicies #mitigation #adaptation #disasterresilience    


About the Artist:

Doğa Çakmakçı & Barış Çakmakçı (yaklaş_2030 Project Team)

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