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Implementation of the 10-year framework program for sustainable production and consumption


1.3 billion

While approximately 2 billion people live on the border of hunger, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year.

Facts and Figures

Pink Panther

Ezgi Demirel

Uni - Art Collection

Oil on canvas

pembe panter.png

Painted in oil on canvas, the work exposes the viewer to an assortment of images that have left their marks in popular culture, revealing the excessiveness of the capitalism-backed consumer culture.  The products’ vivid and bright colors underscore their augmented appeal, cracking the door open to question the consumption-induced sense of pleasure. The artist puts her finishing touch on the subject of commodification by placing a barcode on her own work and thus commodifies her own work, leaving the viewer alone with the commodification of art.


#consciousconsumer #consumer #reduceconsumption #responsibleproduction #foodwaste #desires/needs #reducewaste


About the Artist:

In her paintings in which she mostly uses the oil on canvas technique, Ezgi Demirel derives some of her images from popular phenomena we frequently encounter in our daily lives, such as Coca-Cola and Starbucks.  The artist juxtaposes the objects she uses with contrasting images in an effort to ascribe new meanings to them. Meanwhile, by not giving any specific time or location, she also forms an association between the presented image and her own power of imagination.

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