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Frequently Asked Questions _ Walks


  • How can I join the walk?

It is enough to fill out the application form to join the walk.


  • Is there a certain limit of participants for every walk?

Maximum of 10 people can participate in each walking group.


  • Why are we walking?

The Yaklaş_Nişantepe Walk is not just a form of mobility, but a call to see and understand the city that we are a part of.


  • Where are we walking?

The walk will start from the school and end at the school, on a route that has been created to stop at 9 points determined within the borders of Nişantepe.


  • How long will the walk take, how many km will it be walked?

The walk will take an average of 1.5 hours in a fast pace and will be approximately 4 km.


  • Is there any preparation you expect from students before coming to the walk?

Trying to learn about the area we are walking will help you on the walk.


  • Are there any things that I should / shouldn't bring with me when I come for a walk?

You can prepare the materials you can take notes with and any equipment you prefer to take photos with. We especially recommend that you dress according to the weather and the conditions of the region you are walking and bring water with you. We ask you to avoid clothing and technological equipment that might attract too much attention. We also expect you to bring a childrens clothing (sweater, coat, sweat suit, etc.) to be donated via the headman.


  • Is there anything you expect from us as a result of the walk?

After collecting the experiences you have gained during the walk, you can transfer them to Yaklaş_Nişantepe Açıkpano.


  • Is there a possibility that the dates of the walks change depending on the weather?

The walk will take place despite any weather conditions.


  • Will the walks be repeated later on?

We plan to continue organizing the walks, details will be announced during the year.



* Important Note: We expect you to inform us as soon as possible in case you cannot join the walk.